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On-demand webinar: A roadmap to the cloud - 6 essential questions

Derek Kern, Director of Research at IQGeo, will lay out a roadmap for navigating the deployment of geospatial software in the cloud.

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When considering a cloud deployment of geospatial resources, telecoms and utility network operators face a wide range of choices and options. The sheer scope of deploying mission critical applications in the cloud can be overwhelming.


During this webinar, Derek Kern, Director of Research, will discuss the following essential questions: 


  1. How do I choose a cloud provider?

  2. Which deployment services are right for me?

  3. Where do I start with security?

  4. How do I achieve network interconnection?

  5. What are my options for integration?

  6. Why is data management important?


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A geospatial roadmap to the cloud

Reimagine the role of geospatial technology in your business

Accelerate time-to-market

Decrease operating costs

Enhance operational safety

Improve customer satisfaction