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On-demand webinar: Accelerating revenue with an optimized customer connection strategy

Empowering sales teams to organically grow your network with an automated near net solution that protects the organization from inaccurate ROI estimates is vital to increasing sales and profitability on new customer connections.

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Accelerate your quoting process and optimize revenue

View this webinar to see how you can accelerate your quoting process and optimize revenue potentialYou will learn how telecoms companies are meeting challenging sales KPIs while reducing the demand on engineering resources.


Headline capabilities explored

  • View routing map with integrated data sources
  • Generate instant construction estimates
  • Incorporate serviceability request history
  • Accurately model your entire near net footprint
  • Sub-divide quotes to streamline project justification


Don’t miss this opportunity to see the industry’s most comprehensive route optimization software in action with an actual customer network.