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5 key ingredients to reduce fiber time to market

The telecom market is poised for exponential growth with the introductions of new government initiatives and to succeed during such a competitive time for fiber deployments, time to market is crucial. This white paper outlines five critical advancements in the FTTX construction process to faster time to market.

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With the Biden administration commiting $45 billion to the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment program to bring internet access to every household in the US, the telecommunications industry is experiencing significant growth. To capitalize on this opportunity, fiber organizations must embrace cutting-edge technologies rather than relying on outdated and isolated solutions. 


This white paper presents five crucial advancements in the FTTx construction process by leveraging IQGeo's Workflow Manager software. These advancements expedite the time it takes to bring fiber to the market, enhancing both processes and people, and ensuring operators have a competitive edge.


Download the white paper to learn about the five key ingredients, including customer examples and graphics.


Download this white paper to learn more about...

1. Dynamic milestone tracking.

2. Invoice tracking and control.

3. Automated material ordering.

4. Asset management.

5. Buried Service Wire JOBS.

Includes customer examples.