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eBook: Empowering electric utilities to transform their network operations

How organizations are reimagining the role that modern, mobile geospatial technology can play in their business. Read insights from experts at Avangrid, Centrica, Duquesne Light, E.ON, Eversource, Jackson Electric Membership, Minnesota Power, Salt River Project, Vattenfall and more

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Many electric utilities are faced with the challenge of closing the data gap between the office and field teams. Without easy access to current, accurate network data, field crews are unable to monitor, capture, visualize and manage their network assets. 


In partnership with TechPros.io, IQGeo has conducted a series of interviews with leaders across the utility industry to reveal their insights into the factors driving the sector and discover how they are meeting their current challenges. 


We have combined the TechPros research findings with IQGeo’s own hands-on industry experience to create a practical guide for boosting productivity by providing access to vital geospatial network data sourced from the field.


IQGeo Empowering electric utilities to transform their network operations

In this eBook you will learn more about

Real-time geospatial field technology

Closing the data gap between field and office

Handling complex energy resources

Delighting customers in a competitive market