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Geospatial network management software

Plan, design, operate, and build better fiber and utility networks with IQGeo’s award-winning geospatial network management software. Book a demo to see why thousands of users choose IQGeo. 

What is IQGeo?

IQGeo’s end-to-end geospatial network management software provides a single platform across planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, and sales and marketing processes for telecoms, fiber, and utility network operators. We deliver the most flexible system integrations and adaptable digital workflows, from enterprise scale to private fiber and specialized business networks. Our mobile-first solutions create and maintain an accurate view of complex telecom and utility network assets that is easily accessible by anyone, wherever and whenever needed. 

Our award-winning, cloud-enabled solutions focus on usability, empowering every user to deliver high-quality work. We minimize the transitions between each lifecycle stage so that teams can collaborate in real time, saving you time and money. And we enable utility and telecom customers to continually adapt to future workflows, systems and requirements.  


IQGeo solutions

IQGeo provides telecom, fiber, and utility network operators with the industry's most innovative geospatial network management software solutions.

Adaptive Grid

IQGeo Adaptive Grid is a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of the electric grid, transforming comprehensive network data – from design and construction to outage management – into digital workflows. 

  • Build an accurate network digital twin
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Enhance data accuracy
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Optimize organizational productivity 

Adaptive Grid >>> 

Integrated Network

IQGeo Integrated Network is the telecom industry’s only single solution that enables fiber and cable operators - from private and regional operators to enterprise scale - to deploy and operate their networks with speed, efficiency and precision across the entire lifecycle. 

  • A single platform across the network lifecycle
  • Automate planning and estimating
  • Optimize and accelerate network designs
  • Build accurately and efficiently
  • Maximize network revenue  

 Integrated Network >>>

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