Webinar - Connect Salesforce to your network inventory map

View our webinar to learn how you can unlock the power of your network inventory data.

Connect Salesforce to your network inventory map

Matt Jones, Solution Architect at Ubisense and James Sanders, Senior Director Product Marketing at Ubisense, hosted a webinar on how to connect Salesforce to your network inventory data to deliver these key benefits:

•    Increase sales win rates
•    Faster, more accurate quotes
•    Improve customer satisfaction
•    Faster customer response times
•    Increase engineering productivity

By bringing critical network-centric information into the CRM workflow, a new level of speed and agility can be realised, which drives greater win rates and a better customer experience.

myWorld for Salesforce gives sales, customer service and operations staff self-service access to the accurate and reliable network engineering, capacity and serviceability information they need to more effectively sell to and service customers, allowing engineering to focus on building new projects.  Context-aware myWorld maps are built in to the Salesforce workflows and screens that these departments use every day.

This webinar is now available to view on demand

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