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On-demand webinar: ExteNet’s vision for a single, consolidated network view

As telecommunication networks increase in complexity and competition grows, those operators that can create and manage an accurate and up-to-date view of their network assets will be best placed for success.

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ExteNet has developed a clear multi-phase plan to create a consolidated geospatial view of their network that can be used by stakeholders across the entire lifecycle including, planning, construction, maintenance, and field operations.

Recognizing the importance of accurate and timely data captured in the field, they have partnered with IQGeo using our mobile-first geospatial software that stands in stark contrast to legacy centralized systems. 


Hosted by Fiber Broadband Association and presented by Joe Cunningham, VP Network Planning at ExteNet Systems and Kyle Berg, Director of Sales at IQGeo. 

ExteNet’s vision for a single, consolidated network view

Operational ROI benefits

Reduce design cycle times

Improve data quality

Accelerate quote to cash

Mitigate digital fatigue