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From staking and design to asset inspections: digitalizing network model workflows

Discover the quickest route to modernize your electric grid. In this webinar, you’ll see how digitalization transforms common workflows, from design to construction to maintenance, helping you effortlessly manage your network model in one central platform, regardless of your GIS.

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Instead of waiting weeks or months to update the network in your GIS, input the data immediately with IQGeo. Avoid PDF printouts and manual redlines with our fast digital solution. Create smart forms to streamline the inspection process.


Troy Freissle-Lewis and Matthew Roberts demonstrate how to digitize the following workflows:

  • Easily transform staking points into a new network design
  • Seamlessly transition from redlines to configurable units and a bill of materials
  • Streamline asset inspections and data updates

By empowering every team in your organization to effortlessly build new workflows and collaborate with a single, up-to-date view of network data, IQGeo is revolutionizing grid modernization for utilities of all sizes.


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