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On-demand webinar: Harvesting the low hanging "revenue fruit" in your fiber network

To maximize the financial potential of valuable fiber assets, you must move quickly to identify FTTx revenue opportunities and generate accurate estimates that deliver new business.

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In this webinar hosted with the Fiber Broadband Association, Kyle Berg and Jason Mortson, share a proven three-phase strategy using detailed data intelligence to identify a list of high revenue targets, run rapid on-demand estimates, and automatically handover to construction for deployment.

Three phase revenue harvesting strategy

  1. Identify high revenue targets

  2. Generate accurate on-demand estimates

  3. Automate design handover for construction


Collecting this low-hanging “revenue fruit” is fundamental to the lifeblood of your organization in an increasingly competitive market.


Transform your network operations

Accelerate time-to-market

Decrease operating costs

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve field to office data quality