VP Operations and Maintenance


The challenges for a VP Operations and Maintenance working in Electric include ...

Reduce truck-rolls

Improve service reliability

Drive productivity

Reduce truck-rolls

Changes are happening all the time in the network, making it difficult to give field techs up-to-date information.

When a field tech is responding to an event they need to know the latest state of the network, including both the static assets and the effect of outages on the network, giving them the information and equipment to fix the problem.

For VPs of Operations, myWorld™ helps coordinate operations teams and resources by providing field technicians and operations centre staff with a single, up-to-date location-enabled view of the network to improve situational awareness and decision-making.

Having the right information can reduce truck rolls by 10%.

Improve service reliability

Pro-actively resolve problems before they impact customers and accelerate outage triage and restoration to improve CAIDI and SAIFI.

Operations must always monitor and assure the reliability and quality of services being provided to customers on the network. One challenge is how to become more pro-active to detect and resolve problems before they impact customers. Another problem is how to accelerate the process of triaging outages and restoring service, so you can meet challenging targets like CAIDI and SAIFI.

Regular inspection and preventative maintenance programs are key for maximizing network reliability and performance. Keeping these on schedule can be very difficult when those technicians are often drawn in to respond to outage activity.

For VPs of Operations and Maintenance, myWorld™ improves scores, like CAIDI and SAIFI, and lowers customer outage minutes by providing field technicians and operations center staff with a single location-enabled, real-time view of network operations to improve situational awareness and coordination of resources. myWorld provides an integrated view of all relevant engineering and operations systems, including real-time outage analysis and performance trends, so problems can be identified and resolved with minimal impact to customers.

Drive productivity

Empower NOC and field operations teams to meet ever-escalating productivity targets like work orders per day, while maintaining quality.

Operations departments are challenged to do more with less. Their performance against productivity metric goals like work orders completed per field technician and tickets triaged per dispatch center are heavily scrutinized and difficult to achieve. These goals are raised year-over-year, leaving operations executives to find new ways to boost their teams' productivity while maintaining quality.

For VPs of Operations and Maintenance, myWorld™ increases productivity by reducing time-to-understand, reducing unnecessary truck rolls, reducing non-productive field technician time waiting for information from the NOC or engineering, and improving coordination and communication between the NOC and field technicians.

One large utility estimates that myWorld has delivered a 14% increase in field technician productivity.

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