VP Operations and Maintenance

The VP of Operations is constantly challenged to provide safe and reliable gas service to customers, despite aging infrastructure, tightening budgets and a network growing in size and complexity to meet demand. All of this is complicated by managing compliance with multiple regulatory agencies.

VP of Operations and maintenance Gas

The challenges for a VP Operations and Maintenance working in Gas include ...

Reduce as-built backlog 


Ensure safety

Gas leak survey and asset compliance



Drive field efficiency

Reduce as-built backlog

Changes from field operations come back in non-standard forms and are often unintelligible, creating a huge back-log and out-of-date maps.

Paper maps come back dirty and incomprehensible. Automated solutions have been cumbersome and not field crew friendly. Data is then left in a pile (physical or digital) for the office to sort out.

For VPs of Operations, myWorld Capture™ helps reduce the as-built backlog and gets updates back from the field in near-real time and streamlines updates to backend systems. myWorld Capture reduces as-built backlog and streamlines data collection processes, providing more up to date maps faster.

Ensure safety

Understanding where safety concerns are in the network is tough to keep track of. Crews don’t have the information they need to understand if there is a potential safety concern.

Ensuring crew safety is always the number one priority. Crews need to know what conditions are available when they go out to the field. Do they need to provide backup to go visit a specific customer? Are they equipped for the terrain they are going to encounter? Can they see other crews in the regions, so they know what is being worked on?

For VPs of Operations, myWorld™ helps with crew safety, coordinating operations teams and resources by providing field technicians and operations centre staff with a single, up-to-date location- enabled view of the network to improve situational awareness and coordination of resources.

  • Crews directly see above ground equipment, tricky terrain, or warning of a dangerous customer.
  • Existing documents and job aids can be linked to the asset, ensuring crews fully understand exactly what it is they are looking at.


Gas leak survey and asset compliance

Keeping track of inspection cycles on assets and gas leak surveys is a huge problem. When regulatory filing is due, it takes too much time to complete.

It can be stressful when the regulator makes an unannounced visit and demands to see inspection or survey data from two years ago. It’s difficult and time consuming to gather the information, and if the records can’t be located, the result can be a substantial fine.

For VPs of Operations, myWorld Inspection and Survey™ provides a comprehensive inspection and surveying tool. Allowing users to schedule jobs, crews to walk or drive inspection areas and reports on the progress of the inspection cycle. All this data is stored and shown to the regulator as proof that specific work has been done.

Drive field efficiency 

As a result of bad information, field crews are inefficient and don't have the tools they need to make the right decisions.

Bad maps means crews go into the field with an incorrect fitting or fixture. This increases the time to repair and creates duplicate truck rolls. 

For VPs of Operations, the myWorld™ platform gives the ability to view all asset data in the field and seamlessly consume data from other sources – such as inspections, surveys, and Streetview. This valuable, upfront information saves the crew a return trip. Beyond viewing, myWorld Capture™ allows field crews to make updates directly from the field, keeping maps up to date and improving efficiency.

Bad data costs companies on average $14m per year, according to Gartner.

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Inspection and Survey Graphic
myWorld overview

Inspection & Survey

myWorld Inspection & Survey is a flexible software platform that enables operations teams to create, optimise and perform all required field inspections and surveys digitally. Its versatile architecture enables deployment in weeks at any utility or communications company.

myWorld Inspection & Survey transforms workers’ ability to collect inspection data by enabling them to capture information on any mobile device, eliminating paper-based processes. It delivers advanced regulatory reporting and facilitates the optimal efficiency of company-wide inspection operations.

myWorld Capture Graphic
myWorld overview


myWorld Capture manages the collection of construction as-built, red-lining, and data correction details from staff and contractors in the field, submission for QA review, and feed to core engineering systems like GIS. Technicians can easily record and submit changes in the field on their mobile device and are notified when their changes have been processed. All interested parties can stay co-ordinated and keep track of status as updates move through the process.

It runs on the myWorld Platform so myWorld Capture has proven enterprise scale synch of data and application updates to keep field workers productive when offline.

myWorld Platform 3D Model
myWorld overview

myWorld enterprise platform

Unlike legacy systems with traditional centralized models, the myWorld platform is mobile, distributed and flexible. It’s built specifically for large scale integration with multiple geospatial and corporate business data sources.

We help you create a geo operations hub that visualizes your unique network assets, processes and IT ecosystem using our simple map-based view. Whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet used by field operations or a big screen outage board in a Network Operation Center, myWorld’s powerful insights are available to your entire team.

As the world's leading mobile geospatial software, your organization can now capture field operations information that was previously lost and make this mission-critical data accessible for rapid decision making.

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