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IQGeo ETL for Smallworld

The IQGeo Platform provides a productivity and collaboration solution that expands the reach of your geospatial data and applications to everyone in the enterprise, on any device, online or offline.

Download ETL for Smallworld product sheet

Why you need it

The IQGeo ETL for GE Smallworld provides a set of high-performance tools to publish GE Smallworld enterprise GIS data directly to the IQGeo Platform. This integration adds significant value to your existing GIS implementation. By exposing GE Smallword data within the IQGeo platform, it ensures
easy data access throughout your enterprise, when and where people are working, in the office or in the field, online or offline on any device. Download the product sheet to learn more.


Reimagine the role of geospatial technology in your business

Accelerate time-to-market

Decrease operating costs

Enhance operational safety

Improve customer satisfaction