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On-demand webinar: IQGeo Platform and application overview

Learn how IQGeo’s geospatial platform accelerates collaboration and productivity across the entire enterprise for telecommunications and utility network operators.

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IQGeo CEO, Richard Petti and Matt Jones, Principal Solutions Architect, provide an overview of the IQGeo Platform and demonstrate several of our applications used by telecoms and utility network operators. This webinar is focused on answering three existential questions faced by network operators around the world.  


  1. Where should I invest and how much will it cost me?

  2. How do I reduce construction times and accelerate time-to-revenue?

  3. How do I maximise customer loyalty and increase my wallet share?


View now to learn how IQGeo's geospatial software addresses these business critical questions.




IQGeo geospatial productivity and collaboration desktop and mobile

Reimagine the role of geospatial technology in your business

Accelerate time-to-market

Decrease operating costs

Enhance operational safety

Improve customer satisfaction