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Mobilize your Smallworld software with IQGeo

IQGeo Inside (Formerly myWorld Inside) provides real time data for your field engineers and office designers:

  • Supercharge field data visualization and collection
  • Streamline as-built design processes
  • Improve data currency and quality
  • Reduce operating costs and risks


IQGeo’s industry leading geospatial mobile software seamlessly integrates with your Smallworld deployment, providing a complete data roundtrip strategy between your field and office operations.  It's as simple as 1,2,3.

Mobilize your Smallworld software with IQGeo

1. In the field

Your field teams use IQGeo to visualize the latest network information with our intuitive Googlemap interface. Engineers on the ground easily capture real time as-built information for your designers.

2. In the office

Your design team in the office now has a complete IQGeo field view directly within Smallworld. This allows designers to rapidly review and publish as-built information from the field.

3. Across your business

A complete data round trip strategy gives your business a new standard of data currency and quality, closing the data gap between field and office operations. 

The result is greater productivity and collaboration that saves you time, money and lowers operational risk.

Special Proof-of-Concept offer

IQGeo Inside is so simple to deploy that we would welcome the chance to show you how it works using your current Smallworld deployment in a PoC. Let us demonstrate how your engineers, designers and business will benefit from an IQGeo Inside mobile data roundtrip strategy.

Request an IQGeo Inside PoC