Network Manager 

Network ManagerTM empowers companies to reimagine their geospatial strategy by replacing complex, centralized, legacy GIS with a flexible, open approach that is simple to deploy and cost-effective to operate. IQGeo’s end-to-end enterprise solution provides a real-time, accurate view of network assets that saves time and money, while improving safety and enhancing customer satisfaction. Watch our new video to see Network Manager in action. 

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IQGeo Network Manager
IQGeo Network Manager

With Network Manager, designers, operations managers and construction project leaders have the scalable, enterprise solution they need to design, construct and maintain their constantly evolving network infrastructure.

At the same time, the mobile-first architecture provides field engineers with simple access to essential project details from their mobile phone or tablet. They can quickly and easily capture as-built information, closing the data gap between the field and office.

Using a reality-centric approach that is rooted in establishing accurate field data, Network Manager accelerates design productivity and promotes greater collaboration between office-based designers and field engineers.

Network new build

  • Create fast, efficient designs
  • Optimize concurrent design scenarios
  • Provide accurate designs that reflect field realities



New customer connection

  • Accelerate the connection design process
  • Increase sales closure rates and competitiveness
  • Maximize the use of network assets




Data correction

  • Improve data quality and currency
  • Unlock field and office collaboration
  • Deliver a real-time network view



Network repair and fault rectification

  • Streamline maintenance processes
  • Eliminate truck rolls and maintenance costs
  • Reduce customer service response time