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Going beyond GIS with IQGeo Adaptive Grid

A network model management and digital work execution solution 

When we talk to utilities about managing the evolution of your grid, we like to ask: 

  • Do your teams have access to a single app across the network lifecycle? 
  • How quickly can you build new workflows for unplanned work? 
  • Are you being forced off your platform? 
  • Are you managing your grid workflows through a GIS? 

Adaptive Grid turns the challenges of reliability and modernization into opportunities through a single, enterprise-wide system, enabling easy digital work execution across the network lifecycle, including: 


GIS mobility

  • Enable field crews to view and edit GIS data from the from the field, online and offline 
  • Single box search, search any asset, any location 
  • GIS agnostic 
  • Easily update attributes and make field-based redlines  
  • Easy to build forms for any use case 





Field design and digital staking

  • Provide engineers and field crews an easy-to-use mobile design tool  
  • Supports staking, a process that clearly marks the ground for the precise locations of new utility lines, structures and equipment as part of a new design 





Asset inspections

  • Provides a geospatial and asset-aware application to plan, track and execute asset inspections and surveys 
  • Supports planned and ad-hoc inspections and surveys 
  • Supports surface, underground and aerial inspection workflows 





Outage mobility

  • Ease of use, any device, online and offline  
  • High performance during major events 
  • Improves field productivity and reduces outage duration times 
  • Easy-to-configure workflows with dynamic forms 
  • BYOD and configurable views for third-party crews 





Are you interested in learning how to go beyond GIS to transform comprehensive network data into efficient, productive workflows?

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