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eBook: Network optimization in the age of digitalization

In this eBook TechPros.io explores how telcos are optimizing network operations and how technological innovations are transforming the telecommunications space. Hear directly from industry experts at AT&T, BT, TELUS, Vodafone and Windstream

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Organisations across the globe are being challenged to transform digitally. With the promise of improving processes, unlocking new capabilities and streamlining business models, digital transformation is disrupting entire industries.


To some, digital transformation is the difference between competing and collapsing, the crux of surviving the rapidly changing global business landscape. To others, transformation is a task that sits at the bottom of a never-ending to-do list.


Keen to discover how an increasingly disruptive technology landscape is changing the network as we know it, we enlisted the help of various communications industry insiders. In collaboration with Techpros.io, we interviewed various senior executives from some of the globe’s major fixed-line, mobile and broadband network operators.

Network optimization in the age of digitalization eBook

This eBook will help you understand

Fully automated network challenges

How 5G is set to change the game

Fixed and wireless networks consistency

Unlocking data insights and filling data gaps