IQGeo launched to accelerate global growth of myWorld software

IQGeo launched to drive global growth of myWorld

Cambridge, UK 3rd January 2019 – IQGeo (AIM: IQG), the world’s leading provider of mobile geospatial software, today launched their new IQGeo corporate brand, following the completion of the sale of the Ubisense brand and RTLS SmartSpace division for up to £35 million. From today the remaining listed group containing the geospatial division has been rebranded IQGeo. It is now a focused and well-funded geospatial software company working globally with telecoms and utilities companies across markets that are expected to make significant infrastructure investments over the next five years.

IQGeo’s myWorld software has more than 30,000 users in North America where its customers include major utility providers, leading telecom network operators and two of the top three cable companies. myWorld’s simple map-based interface creates a geo operations hub for IQGeo customers that unlocks data from previously disconnected back end systems. With mobile capabilities that are second-to-none, organizations can now capture field operations information that was previously lost and make this mission-critical data accessible to everyone across their entire enterprise. IQGeo is helping customers deliver higher value services and cut the cost of field construction and maintenance in order to “accelerate network operations” in highly competitive markets.

IQGeo’s board of directors and geospatial management team remain unchanged under the new brand, and additions to the sales team in the first quarter of 2019 will support IQGeo’s plans for global growth. In 2018, a myWorld sales team was created in Europe to replicate the North American success, and the sales team in Japan will continue to grow their customer base. Alongside direct sales, a growing network of myWorld partners are completing IQGeo to reach new territories with innovative technology as industries embrace digital transformation.

Richard Petti, CEO of IQGeo, said: “We have a fantastic foundation to build on for the new IQGeo with our proven myWorld software, an experienced and focused management team and investment capital needed to accelerate the growth of our business. As telco and utility operators ramp up software investment to manage their expanding and increasingly sophisticated network assets, IQGeo is well positioned to help them meet their new digital transformation objectives. Our myWorld software gives customers an easy-to-use geo operations hub that reflects their unique operational ecosystem, enabling a step-change in operational efficiency by giving thousands of users access to critical data anywhere, on any device.  2019 will be a very exciting year for the new IQGeo!”

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Inspection and Survey Graphic
myWorld overview

Inspection & Survey

myWorld Inspection & Survey is a flexible software platform that enables operations teams to create, optimise and perform all required field inspections and surveys digitally. Its versatile architecture enables deployment in weeks at any utility or communications company.

myWorld Inspection & Survey transforms workers’ ability to collect inspection data by enabling them to capture information on any mobile device, eliminating paper-based processes. It delivers advanced regulatory reporting and facilitates the optimal efficiency of company-wide inspection operations.

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Damage Assessment

Electric utilities are challenged by geographic distances, changing regulations, legacy systems and processes, increasing technological network complexity and the natural environment in their mission to deliver a reliable service to increasingly educated consumers. When storms or emergencies hit they need to restore power as safely, quickly and predictably as practically possible.

myWorld Damage Assessment™ is a flexible software platform that enables utilities operations teams to drive efficiencies throughout the damage assessment process during storms or emergency events. It dramatically improves overall field communication as well as the speed and quality of information collection, which has a direct positive impact on predictable restoration time and SAIDI and CAIDI performance.

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myWorld Capture manages the collection of construction as-built, red-lining, and data correction details from staff and contractors in the field, submission for QA review, and feed to core engineering systems like GIS. Technicians can easily record and submit changes in the field on their mobile device and are notified when their changes have been processed. All interested parties can stay co-ordinated and keep track of status as updates move through the process.

It runs on the myWorld Platform so myWorld Capture has proven enterprise scale synch of data and application updates to keep field workers productive when offline.

myWorld Platform 3D Model
myWorld overview

myWorld enterprise platform

Unlike legacy systems with traditional centralized models, the myWorld platform is mobile, distributed and flexible. It’s built specifically for large scale integration with multiple geospatial and corporate business data sources.

We help you create a geo operations hub that visualizes your unique network assets, processes and IT ecosystem using our simple map-based view. Whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet used by field operations or a big screen outage board in a Network Operation Center, myWorld’s powerful insights are available to your entire team.

As the world's leading mobile geospatial software, your organization can now capture field operations information that was previously lost and make this mission-critical data accessible for rapid decision making.

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