IQGeo showcases range of new mobile-first geospatial solutions at SCTE ISBE Cable-Tec Expo

Book a demonstration and meet the team in New Orleans on booth no 639, Sept 30 – Oct 3.

IQGeo showcases new mobile-first geospatial solutions at SCTE Cable-Tec

IQGeo is exhibiting at this year’s SCTE ISBE Cable-Tec Expo with a range of exciting new mobile-first software based on its geospatial platform myWorld. Working closely with its customers, some of the largest telecoms in North America, IQGeo has developed solutions specifically for the sector to cut operational costs, improve data quality and increase customer satisfaction.


On the IQGeo booth, the team will be demonstrating two new products, myWorld Construction Manager and myWorld Route Optimizer, which help to accelerate project timelines, improve time-to-market and increase sales revenue with smarter construction routing. myWorld Route Optimizer was developed in conjunction with an existing customer, a Tier 1 service provider in North America with over 6 million subscribers. With 2,500 mobile field users and 4,000 online users of the myWorld platform, the customer will be using myWorld Route Optimizer to centralize the process of responding to over 100,000 residential and business service connection requests per every year.


IQGeo will also be demonstrating our recently announced transformative next generation end-to-end geospatial platform. Based on its industry proven myWorld technology, IQGeo’s new platform goes far beyond traditional GIS solutions, delivering a step-change in productivity and collaboration for telecom network operations. 


The latest version of the popular myWorld Capture™ software will be showcased at the booth. This mobile-first product is designed for field users, operating online or offline to capture as-built network information and, without editing core data, can propose changes to the network.


Dick Rohm, Engineering Director West Division at Cable ONE, said: “myWorld and Capture give us a simple tool to assist with network planning and auditing that is easy to use in the field. Over the 40 plus years that I have spent in the field I have never found a solution that can do this, not until I found myWorld.”

Related Products

myWorld Route Optimizer for CSPs
myWorld overview

Route Optimizer

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), competition for commercial customers is fierce, and the sheer volume of enquiries can be overwhelming. The time and cost to evaluate and estimate sales opportunities is a growing challenge for sales and engineering. It can take weeks to get a construction estimate for a quote to a prospect, by which time they have probably already signed a contract with your competitor. The time pressure to respond to these enquiries means many easy opportunities to pick up additional profitable customers with smarter construction routing are missed. All this adds up to poor sales opportunity conversion rates, missed revenue targets and lower profitability.

myWorld Route Optimizer™ automatically produces several alternate construction routes to connect a commercial premises, including cost estimates, revenue potential and ROI , enabling providers to compare returns on these routes.  These designs can be interactively modified to take advantage of human knowledge.

myWorld Capture Graphic
myWorld overview


myWorld Capture manages the collection of construction as-built, red-lining, and data correction details from staff and contractors in the field, submission for QA review, and feed to core engineering systems like GIS. Technicians can easily record and submit changes in the field on their mobile device and are notified when their changes have been processed. All interested parties can stay co-ordinated and keep track of status as updates move through the process.

It runs on the myWorld Platform so myWorld Capture has proven enterprise scale synch of data and application updates to keep field workers productive when offline.

myWorld Platform 3D Model
myWorld overview

myWorld enterprise platform

Unlike legacy systems with traditional centralized models, the myWorld platform is mobile, distributed and flexible. It’s built specifically for large scale integration with multiple geospatial and corporate business data sources.

We help you create a geo operations hub that visualizes your unique network assets, processes and IT ecosystem using our simple map-based view. Whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet used by field operations or a big screen outage board in a Network Operation Center, myWorld’s powerful insights are available to your entire team.

As the world's leading mobile geospatial software, your organization can now capture field operations information that was previously lost and make this mission-critical data accessible for rapid decision making.

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