TIS to start offering “Ubisense myWorld” under new VAR agreement

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TIS Inc. of TIS Intec Group (Headquarters in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and Chairman Toru Kuwano) is pleased to announce that it has  signed a VAR agreement with Ubisense Japan (Headquarters in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; CEO Richard Petti;) to start providing the integrated geospatial information display software “Ubisense myWorld” from October 2018.

“Ubisense myWorld” integrates and displays various kinds of data such as GIS (geographic information system), GPS (global positioning system), and IoT sensor to one screen on a map. The system is used by more than 30,000 users across infrastructure companies such as construction, real estate and transportation.

TIS supports the introduction of “Ubisense myWorld” into a cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as on-premise environments. It will also support the introduction and customization of this software to existing enterprise systems. TIS is planning to provide cloud services through a monthly subscription.

TIS to offer Ubisense myWorld


TIS is aiming to introduce “Ubisense myWorld” into 30 companies by 2020, targeting companies in the: construction industry, who want to integrate and utilize GIS and enterprise system data; transport industry, such as railways, buses and delivery services, which need to utilize vehicle GPS data on their maps; and other companies want to integrate their current data with open data to create new business opportunities and marketing. 


Overview of “Ubisense myWorld”

“Ubisense myWorld“ is an enterprise geomobility platform which integrates location information such as existing GIS data, GPS data, information from IoT and open data. “Ubisense myWorld” introduces a new point of view by displaying the information on a map overlaid with other internal and external data on a single platform. . 

In addition to companies in the construction industry, real estate industry and transportation industry, any other companies utilizing location intelligence and maps can take advantage of this platform.

Owing to its simple design, Ubisense myWorld is easy to use for all users even if not experiences with GIS. It can be used on any device, from a personal computer to a smartphone, and operates both online and offline, so can be used  not just in a connected network environment, but also when offline.   

“Ubisense myWorld,” improves the quality and efficiency of previously paper-based business activities. 

About TIS inc.

TIS Inc. of TIS Intec Group provides system integration and commissioned development and also has a large number of IT solutions focusing on data centres and cloud services. At the same time, it provides a global support system mainly in China and ASEAN countries. It has been contributing to the growth of its clients as a business partner to more than 3,000 companies in the finance, manufacturing, distribution/services, public, telecommunications and other sectors. For more information, please refer to the link below.

About TIS Intec Group

TIS Intec Group has approximately 60 companies and 20,000 employees under its group. Each entity rides on its strength to deliver IT services to support Japanese and overseas clients in the finance, manufacturing, service, public and other sectors. 


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