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eBook: Next generation networks

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major change. From modernizing products and services to transforming networks and infrastructure, the major driver is to provide new and higher quality services in a very competitive landscape. Read insights from industry experts at BT, Crown Castle, Deutsche Telecom, Swisscom, TDS Telecom, TIM and others.

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Today more than ever, market changes are being driven by customer demands and expectations.  When we look across the telecoms industry, we see that customer loyalty for network providers is poor. We also notice that customers are often unhappy with the level of service they receive.


In a world where so many businesses are fighting for the same customers, offering a memorable, seamless and enjoyable experience is the best way for an organization to differentiate themselves from their rivals.


To research more on this topic, IQGeo partnered with TechPros.io to find out how network providers are navigating their digital transformation in this increasingly customer-centric business landscape. Conducting interviews with CDOs, CIOs and CTOs at some of the top telecoms firms across North America and Europe.

Next generation networks eBook

In this eBook you will learn more about

Customer focused KPIs

Real-time asset visibility

Improving data quality

Reducing backlogs