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On-demand webinar: PGE’s journey of improving data access and design in the field

Providing a better customer experience and improved safety is a top priority at Portland General Electric (PGE). However, traditional maps and GIS applications have limited accessibility in the field to verify facilities and plan for new line extensions. These inefficiencies can delay response times and slow discrepancy rectification.

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One powerful solution involves mobile geospatial tools that allow for easier access to data for field crews and contractors. This is key to increasing process efficiency, improving the customer experience, enhancing employee safety, and creating draft designs in the field.


In this webinar Grant Howell, Design Project Manager at PGE,  shares their experience of navigating the challenges they faced on their journey to digitizing their field maintenance and designs, and the impact their mobile deployment has had on efficiency and response times. 


PGE empowers the field to:

  • Accelerate response times
  • Improve field crew process efficiency
  • Capture field corrections to enhance data quality
  • Produce accurate, timely field designs
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Transform your network operations

Accelerate time-to-market

Decrease operating costs

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve field to office data quality