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White paper: Unlocking the power of
GE Smallworld

Working seamlessly alongside GE Smallworld, IQGeo provides a suite of applications that get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your GIS, increasing efficiency and improving performance at all levels of the business. Delivering a single, seamless mobile solution to phone, tablet and laptop.

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All of us now expect to be able to access everything from anywhere using our mobile devices. Why isn’t the same true of your company’s wealth of GIS data?


The IQGeo Platform is designed to solve exactly this problem. The Platform unlocks your Smallworld data, integrating it seamlessly with other enterprise data systems and cloud-based information, to create a powerful resource instantly accessible to anyone via an intuitive and familiar Google-style user interface. 


This white paper outlines the key advantages the IQGeo Platform has over other less sophisticated web and field tools and explains why IQGeo is the best matched solution for GE Smallworld.

Unlocking the power of GE smallworld with IQGeo

Download the white paper to learn how you can

Lower IT costs

Integrate data

Speed up response times

Improve collaboration