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Delivering grid modernization for electric utility operators

The need for grid modernization and decarbonization planning is growing by the day. Electric utilities need a fast, flexible way to model current infrastructure, rapidly plan and design new network requirements, and transition seamlessly to construction and maintenance.

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The right solution requires a focus on electric utilities’ unique network infrastructure, a mobile-first approach to enable field teams to perform high-level designs, and the ability to access real-time data across the organization.


In this webinar, IQGeo’s industry experts demonstrates our latest Network Manager Electric software, the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive geospatial solution to plan, design and respond to the rapidly changing grid from a single platform. Built specifically for electric utilities, Network Manager Electric enables the entire organization to collaborate and execute more quickly and productively.


Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Modeling every network asset and data point
  • Accelerating planning and lightweight field design
  • Seamlessly transitioning to field walkouts and construction
  • Accessing data in real-time across the organization

Transform your network operations

Accelerate time-to-market

Decrease operating costs

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve field to office data quality