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Streamlining the planning and operations fiber lifecycle: Deutsche Glasfaser case study

In partnership with the FTTH Council Europe, we deep dive into the strategic priorities that forms the foundation to optimize the fiber network lifecycle for one of Germany’s fastest growing and most innovative broadband operators, Deutsche Glasfaser.

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With 2 million homes passed and over 1.2 million connected homes, Deutsche Glasfaser is at the forefront of Germany's rapid broadband expansion. In this webinar, we will uncover how they harness modern technology and industry best practices to seamlessly integrate and optimize their fiber network design, planning, construction, and operations.


Anthony Nasr, Customer Success Manager at IQGeo was joined by Jakob Kwiatkowski, Head of Passive Network High Level Design, and Christian Würth, Head of Passive Network Architecture from Deutsche Glasfaser to delve into their successful fiber network lifecycle strategy and the lessons they learned along the way.


Key takeaways:

•    Real-time documentation of the fiber network

•    Field automation and capturing of as-builts

•    Proactive validation of network performance

•    Acceleration of contractor processes

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