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A smart fiber network for Smart Cities

Smart city networks are a must for any city aspiring to be an innovation and tech frontrunner. A smart city is about sensors and devices exchanging information on traffic, waste, infrastructure, public lighting. It is a boost for the economy, environment, safety. Above all, it is about connecting all people, making their lives easier, richer.

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The power of 5G networks lies in their ability to support numerous connections at high speeds and minimal delays, surpassing current technologies like 4G and low-power wide-area networks. To provide the necessary backbone for 5G networks, the installation of multiple fiber-connected small cells for seamless up and downlink connectivity to the internet is essential.


Delve into our research on the additional fiber equipment and deployment costs necessary to link the essential smart city network infrastructure. We presume a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network is either already in place or will be integrated into the smart city network expansion.


Our aim is to uncover the potential cost savings in adopting a forward-thinking smart city strategy that considers all future expansions, in contrast to a short-term approach of adding fiber as needed. 


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Download this white paper to learn about

The costs of connecting fiber

Fiber network deployment strategies

Smart city network modelling