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Fiber to the farm: building a superfast rural network

With a focus on expanding superfast internet networks in urban and suburban areas, internet service providers have been making significant investments. While this approach has its merits due to high population densities and adoption rates, it leaves out a significant portion of the population who live in remote areas.

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Approximately 200 million individuals, representing 20 percent of Americans and 28 percent of Europeans, reside in remote areas and are still underserved in terms of broadband access. The reluctance of ISPs and utility companies to invest in these areas stems from the perceived high costs involved.


Despite the challenges, investing in rural deployment could prove to be a lucrative opportunity. By being one of the few ISPs willing to venture into these underserved regions, you could establish yourself as the primary provider, ensuring a steady and increasing revenue stream for years to come.


In our comprehensive white paper, you will gain insights into various strategies for rural network rollout, best practices for designing a rural fiber network, and tips on creating a robust business case. Additionally, we provide valuable suggestions to help you minimize costs and strengthen your overall business proposition. 


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Rural fiber network rollout strategies

Best practices for rural fiber network design

Building a solid business case