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FTTH-5G network convergence: How to optimize network designs

5G, the fifth generation of mobile technology, is set to reshape the global landscape, and fiber optics emerge as the ideal solution to meet 5G's ambitious goals. Creating complex network designs may pose challenges, a multitude of factors must be carefully considered to craft an optimized blueprint that is not only feasible to build but also equipped to tackle upcoming obstacles.

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With the introduction of 5G technology, additional infrastructure investments are required and wireless operators need to streamline their CAPEX.


Sharing infrastructure, such as between FTTH and 5G, is the perfect way to reach this objective. However, this integration introduces complexity during the planning phase, necessitating the use of automated solutions for efficient network design. Manual designs are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, particularly in this critical initial stage.


Utilizing an automated planning solution to create optimized and future proof networks, this white paper gives the keys to generate up to 22% cost savings, by sharing network infrastructure.


 Download the white paper now to learn how to build a joint FTTH-5G network to optimize investments.


Download this white paper to learn about

Fiber as an efficient 5G enabler

Challenges of planning a convergence network

Converged backhaul & access planning