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Heat Vision 2030: A heat network map for Chelmsford

Chelmsford City Council (CCC) has declared a climate and ecological emergency and are at the beginning of the journey to realizing a 2030 carbon neutral ambition.

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Time is of the essence as the council strives to address crucial questions surrounding the deployment of the heat network, including determining the most optimal routes, estimating energy demand, and understanding the potential cost implications.


This case study white paper centers around a dynamic collaboration between Comsof, Chelmsford City Council, BEIS, and the HV2030 project, aiming to evaluate the potential of a heat network in Chelmsford. The primary objective is to bolster Chelmsford's carbon-neutral aspirations by utilizing Comsof Heat's advanced network route mapping and design tool, thereby generating a reputable and tangible vision for district heating that can be readily shared with colleagues and decision makers.


Employing a collaborative approach and leveraging the power of Comsof Heat, this study effectively identified desirable and feasible zones, interconnected buildings, energy demand, and optimal routes for Chelmsford's heat network. 


 Download the white paper now to delve deeper into the future of district heat networks.


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