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Rapid geothermal district heating assessments in the rural United States

GeoVision conducted an in-depth analysis of the market potential for geothermal district heating (GDH) in the United States. The study revealed that strategic investments could propel the number of installations to a staggering 17,500 systems by 2050, representing a remarkable growth potential of 833 times the existing capacity.

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Efficiently designing heat networks for future development poses a significant challenge.


In the United States, consumer heat demand data is held by private gas and electric monopolies, overseen by Public Service/Utility Commissions. These companies are often not required to disclose building heat demand information. To address this obstacle in assessing district heating, designers can utilize building information from state Geographic Information System (GIS) repositories.


This white paper provides a comprehensive evaluation of whether district heating networks can serve as a viable alternative to traditional energy sources in remote areas of the USA. It also explores strategies to reduce costs in sparsely populated regions and optimize heat network dimensions using advanced software tools. 


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Download this white paper to learn about

Creating an efficient heat network design

Leveraging GIS data with software tools

Cost reduction strategies