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Reusing existing infrastructure in network designs

PIA, or Physical Infrastructure Access, provides the opportunity to utilize the pre-existing aerial and underground facilities within Openreach's infrastructure. While tapping into existing equipment like PIA in the UK holds promising potential, it also brings about substantial complexity in designing networks.

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Reusing existing infrastructure also has a few challenges:


  • Implications of data accuracy - what if inaccuracies arise? Or if the access points you planned to use are obstructed or full?
  • Availability constraints - how can you effectively integrate a limited supply of usable equipment with new infrastructure and civil works?
  • Cost efficiency - can a blend of existing and new infrastructure truly be cost-effective?


Our white paper delves into the importance of network designers delegating repetitive tasks to software, allowing them to focus on critical aspects like field research. The amount of complexity added to the network design because of existing infrastructure can be overcome by using automation tools.


 Download the white paper to learn how to simplify reusing existing infrastructure with design automation.



Download this white paper to learn about

The benefits of Openreach's PIA

The challenges of existing infrastructure

Reducing complexity with automation