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Why the use of dedicated software significantly improves your FTTx strategy

Developing a concise FTTx strategy is a major challenge for telecom service providers. It’s clear that the future of fixed line broadband connectivity is 100% fiber. However, the biggest stumbling block is the considerable investment, while return on investment is uncertain.

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This drives telecom operators to innovate and develop intermediary solutions by repurposing components of existing copper and coaxial networks for the final connection to the customer's premises.


When implementing this approach, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate all aspects and construct a solid business case. Conducting a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is essential to cover a wide array of considerations. Additionally, building optimal high-level networks while considering all limitations is key to this process.


This whitepaper delves into the primary market drivers, essential technologies, and strategic considerations for FTTx deployment. It explores the advantages and potential challenges of utilizing specialized software to define and optimize an FTTx strategy. 


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FTTx scenario modelling and evaluation

Evaluating the cost of FTTH deployment

Strategies to avoid last mile connection cost