IQGeo’s end-to-end geospatial software improves productivity and collaboration across enterprise planning, design, construction, maintenance and sales processes for telecoms and utility network operators. Our mobile-first enterprise solutions create and maintain, an accurate view of complex network assets that is easily accessible by anyone, wherever and whenever needed. 

Specialized applications combined with our open IQGeo Platform* help network operators create a single source of network truth to meet their digital transformation ambitions and operational KPIs. Our award-winning, cloud-enabled solutions save time and money, and improve safety and productivity, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

With over 50,000 active software users, IQGeo has an established and rapidly growing customer base with telecoms and utility companies worldwide. Hear directly from our customers about how IQGeo is helping them to accelerate productivity and collaboration across their business.


*The 6.0 release of our software included a product name change from myWorld to the IQGeo Platform. This change reflects our focus on the IQGeo corporate brand that was launched at the beginning of 2019. Our website and latest product user interface have made the transition from the old myWorld name to the new IQGeo Platform name. Learn more about the IQGeo Platform 6.0 release.

About IQGeo

Every day thousands of global users across telecoms and utilities depend on IQGeo.

IQGeo business drivers

Deliver world-class technology with a proven track record

Enable strategic digital transformation initiatives

Reduce field construction and maintenance costs

Improve response times and customer satisfaction

Facilitate the delivery of high value services

Our people

IQGeo has assembled a global team of telecoms and utility industry experts and experienced software industry professionals to work alongside our customers in a creative partnership. We have seen first-hand the challenges faced by our customers and understand that they need innovative solutions to solve today’s complex problems. But it’s not just our technology and the experience of our people that stands out, it’s also the open and transparent approach that we apply across every aspect of our business.

Richard Petti, IQGeo CEO, comments on the IQGeo company culture



Yukari Goto, IQGeo

Yukari Goto

Sales Manager

Tokyo, Japan. Started working with the business in 2014.

Yukari’s expertise lies in providing GIS consultancy services to telecoms and utility network providers. She has more than 10 years’ experience working with geospatial solutions.

What excites you most about IQGeo?

It is great to be part of the global IQGeo team. On a local level we are really starting to make a big impact on Japanese infrastructure companies and that is very exciting for us.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

Hot Yoga and eating delicious sake and fish from all over Japan.

Derek Kern

Derek Kern

Director of Research

Denver, Colorado, United States. Started working with the business in 2002.

Derek is an expert in system architecture, software engineering, high performance computing, Artificial Intelligence and has a passion for assimilating and understanding new technology. As Director of Research, Derek discovers, experiments with, and evaluates next generation technologies for possible integration into IQGeo products. His goal is to solve difficult problems for our customers using the latest technology.

What excites you most about IQGeo?

Our persistent desire to solve the next issue that our customers will experience. At IQGeo everyone is motivated, knowledgeable, and friendly, making it a fantastic place to work.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

Reading, snowboarding, hiking and travel are all passions of mine.

Tasneem Jodhpurwala, IQGeo

Tasneem Jodhpurwala

Solution Architect

Cambridge, United Kingdom. Started working with the business in 2012.

Tasneem’s expertise lies in front-end software development, programming in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Python.  She is an expert at creating intuitive and simple to use user interfaces.

What excites you most about IQGeo?

It’s great to work in a dynamic team. We are always coming up with new ideas. What’s exciting about working on our product is that the work I do today is going to be used in the field in only a few months’ time. IQGeo is changing the way people work; improving their day-to-day lives by making them quicker and more efficient. One of the joys of working in a small company is that you get visibility and accolades for the work you do very quickly.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

Travelling the world and looking after my house plants.

Jason Tripp, IQGeo

Jason Tripp

Director of Sales - Utilities

Denver, CO, United States.  Started working with the business in 2019.

Jason supports IQGeo’s utility customers across North America helping them to implement IQGeo software that improves network operations. His expertise lies in an ability to listen to and understand customers' needs, provide recommendations and help facilitate them through their buying journey.

What excites you most about IQGeo?

Our people, product and purpose. Utilities are going through a lot of change right now and require a software partner that is truly innovative, agile and customer focused. My passion is helping businesses to solve problems or seize opportunities, and IQGeo gives me that opportunity while working in a great industry.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

Hanging out with my wife, daughter, and two four-legged kids. Together we tackle ‘living off the land’ road trips, camping, skiing, running and seeking cool restaurants to refuel after a long day. We are a divided Greenbay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles household that also loves binge-watching on-demand tv.

Michael Schoenstein, IQGeo

Michael Schoenstein

Director Utilities Solutions - Europe

Frankfurt, Germany. Started working with the business in 2019.

Michael has more than 25 years of experience in the geospatial business, working with utilities and infrastructure management software solutions. His expertise lies in business development, professional services and account management. As director for utilities solutions in Europe, he is responsible for the growth of IQGeo’s business in this industry.

What excites you most about IQGeo?

The knowledge and enthusiasm of IQGeo’s great team that has the skills, commitment and creativity to solve our customers’ business issues. It’s great to be part of an international team, working closely across cultures to share practices and experiences and help deliver innovative, powerful solutions worldwide.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

I love race cycling, mountain biking and wind surfing. I live in the south of Germany, so love to spend time in the Alps.

Dayna Kornman, IQGeo

Dayna Kornman

Senior Project Manager

Squamish, BC, Canada. Started working with the business in 2012.

GIS expert, Dayna manages and supports utility and telecoms customers with new IQGeo installations, providing ongoing operational support, custom development and interfacing projects. She also helps customers to identify business cases for future IQGeo projects to streamline operations across the business. Her customers include: Bell Canada, Portland General Electric (PGE), North West Natural Gas (NW Natural), Duke Energy and Comporium.

What excites you most about IQGeo?

The future. Year on year, the achievements of my peers and company blow me away. I can’t wait to see where IQGeo goes next. I feel very fortunate to grow with the company during this exciting time.   

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

Spending time with my family in the beautiful outdoors. I love yoga, mountain biking, snowboarding, travelling and cooking. Put them all together = the perfect holiday.

Luis Camacho, IQGeo

Luis Camacho

Software Architect

Cambridge, United Kingdom. Started working with the business in 2012.

Luis has almost 20 years’ experience in developing geospatial systems for utilities and telecoms. He is passionate about developing high quality software products.

What excites you most about IQGeo?

Developing next-generation geospatial products that our customers love, making a real difference to their business and their lives.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

Building Lego models with my children.

Our Management Team

Our Management Team consists of a group of experts, each leaders in their respective fields, who work together to drive the IQGeo business.

Our Board Members

Our Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the Group. Its aim is to provide the leadership and industry-specific insight required to develop a successful business, through utilizing the broad range of skills and experience of the Board members.

  • Management team
  • Board members
Tim Gingell, Company Secretary, IQGeo

Tim Gingell

Company Secretary

Tim has over 25 years of commercial and financial experience across software, wireless and telecoms industries. At IQGeo, Tim has rebuilt the balance sheet through disposals, organisation restructuring, re-negotiating debt finance and closing two fundraising rounds on London's AIM stock market, and positioned the business for software-led growth. Tim held leadership positions at i2/IBM, The Cloud Networks and MFS/WorldCom.

Kyle Eagen,Senior Vice President, Operations, IQGeo

Kyle Eagen

Senior Vice President, Operations

Kyle has over 20 years’ experience in the geospatial industry. A proven business and program leader, he has extensive experience providing direction, strategy and operational guidance that delivers on organizational objectives. Kyle has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology Environmental Science from Drake University in Des Moines, IA, and has a successful history of working with and for organizations ranging from large multi-nationals to small start-ups.

Richard Petti, Chief Executive Officer, IQGeo

Richard Petti

Chief Executive Officer

Richard brings 25 years of experience in developing market leading businesses for automotive, financial and industrial customers. He was previously CEO of Asset Control, a supplier of data management systems to leading financial institutions, and COO at WEMA, a leading provider of sensors to commercial vehicle manufacturers

Peter Batty,  Chief Technical Officer, IQGeo

Peter Batty

Chief Technical Officer

Peter has worked in the geospatial industry for 30 years and played a leading role in creating multiple industry leading geospatial products. Peter has served as CTO for Intergraph and Smallworld, two of the top three traditional GIS companies (and two of the world’s top 200 software companies). He served on the board of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) from 2011 to 2013 and chaired the FOSS4G 2011 conference in Denver. He has an MA in Mathematics and an MSc in Computation from Oxford University.

Steve Tongish,  Chief Marketing Officer, IQGeo

Steve Tongish

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve’s career has included international marketing, business development and product management with enterprise software. Having worked for small VC funded start-ups to large publically listed companies, he is experienced in traditional and SaaS based software revenue models. Steve leads global marketing teams with a resolute focus on metric-driven, revenue generation through inbound and outbound campaign strategies. He has a structural engineering degree from the University of Colorado.

Christian M. Wirth, General Manager, Europe, IQGeo

Christian M. Wirth

General Manager, Europe

Christian has an impressive track record of building software companies across Europe, including Business Objects, Cognos and Compuware. He worked with T-Systems for more than five years to build the Big Data and Analytics unit globally, taking revenues from $20m to over $180m. Christian joined IQGeo with a strong mix of business and commercial skills gained across enterprise software platforms and applications.

Jay Cadman, General Manager, Americas, IQGeo

Jay Cadman

General Manager, Americas

Jay has over 25 years’ experience in successfully building B2B technology sales and marketing organizations. He has worked in large multi-nationals, as well as start-ups in North America, Europe and Asia including GE, Smallworld and Ubisense. Jay has successfully led entry and expansion in telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, aerospace and military markets internationally and specializes in building high performance highly motivated teams.

Tom Ferland, Global Head of Human Resources, IQGeo

Tom Ferland

Global Head of Human Resources

Tom has over 20 years of Human Resource experience supporting global geospatial and enterprise software companies. After completing a degree in Geography (University of Vermont), Tom was initially a GIS/Geospatial software analyst. Mid-way through 18-years with ESRI, Tom shifted direction formally into HR, and began recruiting large teams, implementing performance management, and was a business partner to sales, marketing, and technology functions. After joining IQGeo in 2014, Tom obtained the SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional) certification and leads global people-related strategy and initiatives.

Paul Taylor, Non-Executive Chair, IQGeo

Paul Taylor

Non-Executive Chair

Paul Taylor spent over 21 years with AVEVA Group plc and was Group Finance Director from 2001 to 2011. Paul is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and was recipient of the FTSE250 Finance Director of the Year in 2008. Paul was appointed to the IQGeo (then Ubisense) Board on 28 February 2011. Previously, Paul was a non-executive director of Anite plc, KBC Advanced Technologies plc, Escher Group Holdings plc and Frontier Smart Technologies Group Ltd. He now serves as a non-executive director of Thruvision Group plc and Trustee of CADCentre Pension Fund

Andy MacLeod

Andy MacLeod

Non-Executive Director

Andy is a professional Non- Executive Director and industry consultant after recently retiring from Vodafone Group as Regional Technology Director for the Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific Region. Prior to that he was Vodafone's Group Chief Networks Officer and CTO of Verizon Wireless in the US. Since the early 1990’s he has held CEO, COO and CTO positions at major telecommunications companies and has gained extensive public and private experience as a Director on the Boards of companies such as Eircom, Indus Towers, Vodafone Italy and Vodafone Australia. Andy was appointed to the IQGeo board on 21 June 2019, and is currently a non-executive director of Gfinity PLC. Andy holds an MA degree in Materials Science from Keble College, Oxford and an MBA from Warwick Business School, and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2014.

Max Royde, Non-Executive Director, IQGeo

Max Royde

Non-Executive Director

Max co-founded Kestrel in 2009. He is a fund manager of Kestrel Opportunities and sits on the Investment Committee for KITS. He joined the IQGeo Board on 31 October 2019. Max has been advising and investing in quoted and unquoted UK smaller companies since 1998 and prior to Kestrel was a managing director of KBC Peel Hunt.

Dr. Robert Sansom, Non-Executive Director, IQGeo

Dr. Robert Sansom

Non-Executive Director

Dr Robert Sansom co-founded and was CTO of FORE Systems, acquired by Marconi for $4.5 billion in 1999. Robert joined the IQGeo (then Ubisense) Board on 16 December 2005. He co-founded and was Chairman of the Cambridge Angels from 2001 to 2010. Robert is a non-executive director to enterprises including Arachnys Information Services Ltd, Myrtle Software Ltd, Featurespace Ltd, Camfed International, Cambridge Communication Systems Ltd, CRFS Ltd and Netronome Inc. Robert was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2010.

Ian Kershaw, Non-Executive Director, IQGeo

Ian Kershaw

Non-Executive Director

Ian has over 30 years’ strategy, engineering and operations experience in the telecoms, utilities and manufacturing industries. He was appointed as a non-executive director to the IQGeo (then Ubisense) board on 23 May 2014. He is also a non-executive director of Surface Generation Ltd. Previously, Ian was executive chairman of Coryton Advanced Fuels, the transport fuels specialists, and a director of Ricardo UK Ltd., the engineering consultants.

Richard Petti, Chief Executive Officer, IQGeo

Richard Petti

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Petti brings 25 years of experience in developing market leading businesses for automotive, financial and industrial customers. He was previously CEO of Asset Control, a supplier of data management systems to leading financial institutions, and COO at WEMA, a leading provider of sensors to commercial vehicle manufacturers. Richard joined the IQGeo (then Ubisense) Board on 14 December 2016.

The IQGeo partner ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem

The IQGeo partner ecosystem provides a real depth of expertise and knowledge in their specialist areas, delivering innovative operational solutions to customers around the world. We share a common business objective of helping our clients deliver high value services, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of field construction and maintenance activities.  To find out more, visit our partners and integrations page. 



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