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Electric grid construction management

Improve productivity and data accuracy through streamlined, digital workflows, in the field and the office.

Optimize your grid construction with automated ticketing processes

Adaptive Grid gives electric utilities the only software to combine digital ticket automation with geospatial network intelligence so you can deliver faster, more accurate and more flexible projects. Our network-centric software transforms a utility’s network information into a comprehensive network digital twin that digitizes common workflows between the office and the field teams.

With Adaptive Grid, you can expedite the construction process for grid expansions, allowing you to evolve your network as the energy landscape constantly changes. 

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Electric grid construction optimization capabilities:

  • Digital walkouts to accelerate information flow
  • Reduced meter installation time with automated meter association and turn-on
  • Digital as-built capture for improved data quality and speed
  • Reduced construction times with better oversight of staff and contractor performance 
  • Incorporate material costs and data overlays into every ticket 
  • Automatically track ticket hours, shift times, and construction progress such as percent complete 
  • Detailed progress reporting by company, region, or projects 

IQGeo Adaptive Grid

The network model management software that provides a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of the electric grid, from design and construction to inspections and outage management. 


Ready to embrace the fastest path to grid modernization?


Date: Tuesday December 5, 2023

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From staking and design to asset inspections: digitalizing network model workflows.


Discover the power of digitalization with IQGeo and streamline your grid's design, construction, and maintenance workflows, regardless of your GIS, with our network model management solution.

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