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Why choose IQGeo software

Together with our customers and partners, we are “Building Better Networks” that are vital to the transformation of the telecom, fiber, and utility industries.


Telecom and utility customers

Global users

Staff and contractors

What makes IQGeo different?

For utilities

IQGeo Adaptive Grid is a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of the electric grid. From rapid design to inspections to outage restoration, our solution transforms comprehensive network data into digital workflows.   



Adaptive Grid >>> 

For telecom and fiber

IQGeo Integrated Network is the telecom industry’s only single solution that enables fiber and cable operators – from private and regional operators to enterprise scale – to deploy and operate their networks with speed, efficiency and precision across the entire lifecycle. 


 Integrated Network >>>

Building Better Networks with IQGeo

Why choose IQGeo geospatial software

Model anything

Expedite planning and design with a digital twin of your network to efficiently model any requirement or business goal.


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Why choose IQGeo geospatial software

Integrate everything

Enhance collaboration and streamline processes by integrating any data source or internal system into a single geospatial view.


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Why choose IQGeo geospatial software

Use anywhere

Enable field teams to identify and document data in real time, online or offline, more powerfully and flexibly than other solutions.


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Why choose IQGeo geospatial software

Innovate constantly

Consistently realize network value with a solution that continually evolves your processes, integrations, and scope.


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 An integrated platform across the network lifecycle 

IQGeo delivers a single interface and common user experience to quickly create digital workflows, optimizing every stage of your network planning, design, construction and operations. By integrating every stage of your lifecycle, we streamline work execution across the entire organization.


Empowering the entire organization 

As your network grows, it’s simply no longer possible to manage this complexity with a disconnected combination of paper documents, maps, Google Earth, spreadsheets and CAD drawings. IQGeo empowers telecom, fiber, and utility staff to easily monitor, capture, visualize and manage network assets. Our solution works just as powerfully in the field as in the office, enabling all staff to share a single view of network data.


Challenging traditional GIS

Technology and processes developed 20-30 years ago are simply no longer workable. Traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) approaches do not provide the data quality, currency and collaboration needed for next-generation networks. Built for 95% of the workforce by utility and telecommunications experts, IQGeo software is mobile-first, cloud-native, cost-effective, rapid to deploy, and simple to maintain. Best of all, you can still preserve your investment in GIS.


Delivering measurable ROI for telecom and utilities 

Together with IQGeo, telecom, fiber, and utility network operators are reimagining the role of geospatial technology and transforming their business by setting new standards for productivity and collaboration that increase revenue, decrease operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance safety. We understand the full end-to-end network management process and have optimized our software with innovative tools and proven best practice workflows.


Adaptability for the future

Our end-to-end geospatial software has the flexibility to evolve with your changing network requirements, whether that means easily building new digital workflows, integrating new data sources or applications, or responding quickly to new business goals or regulations.

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