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Electric grid operations and maintenance

Adapt to changing business needs, accelerate digitization, improve productivity, and transform your utility grid for the future.

Enhance operational productivity and system reliability with digitalization of the grid

Adaptive Grid provides a single digital work execution tool across the entire enterprise to seamlessly access, analyze and improve data for all types of work. From streamlining inspections and maintenance tasks to enhancing situational awareness, electric utilities can confidently navigate the complexities of the modern grid.

With our innovative approach, you can optimize operations and provide uninterrupted power to communities, all while driving efficiency and productivity to new heights.

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Electric grid operations and maintenance capabilities:

  • Enhance contractor performance with a digital view of the network and digital workflows with secure BYOD approach  
  • Improve vegetation management workflows to reduce annual tree trimming costs and enhance contractor performance  
  • Integrate customer and asset history for faster diagnosis of upstream and downstream network issues in the field 
  • Integrate with any OMS or ADMS for a single, up-to-date field view of current network status to reduce restoration times  
  • Integrate outage history and analytics to identify poor performing feeders and assets 
  • Integrate with smart meters for improved network status visibility  
  • Proactively manage proposed facilities so operations can view and energize facilities already linked to the network model  
  • Integrate with weather feeds, ADMS, and IoT devices to provide situational intelligence to field personnel, operations personnel and senior management  
  • Integrate emergency services data to capture events such as storms, fires and floods 

IQGeo Adaptive Grid

The network model management software that provides a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of the electric grid, from design and construction to inspections and outage management. 

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Network Manager for telecom and utilities


The industry's most flexible and comprehensive geospatial solution to accelerate network planning, design and time to revenue from a single platform.  

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