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Telecoms Icon 2020 Integrated Network solution for fiber and cable operators

IQGeo Integrated Network is the telecom industry’s only single solution to enable operators to deploy and manage fiber and HFC networks across the entire lifecycle, from planning and design to operations and sales.  

With a single, shared view of network data and streamlined workflows, IQGeo gives you the speed, efficiency and precision you need to deliver great service and stay ahead of the competition. 

Unique capabilities for fiber and cable networks

An integrated platform across the network lifecycle. IQGeo delivers a single interface and common user experience to quickly create streamlined digital workflows that optimize every stage of your network planning, design, construction and operations.  

Automate fiber planning and estimating. Quickly compare area costs, scenarios, and architectures to understand the best returns for network designs. 

Optimize and accelerate network designs. Rapidly create high-quality designs that maximize your designers’ productivity, moving quickly into network build and simultaneously minimizing rollout costs. 

Build accurately and efficiently. Automated task creation, assignment, and status reporting enable streamlined workflows that deliver projects on time, on budget, and faster to achieve revenue. 

Maximize network revenue. Instantly deliver digital quotes for on and near-net locations with accurate routes, prospect opportunities and ROI. 

A single view of network data. IQGeo drives higher efficiency across the entire organization by combining network and operational data to deliver a single, trusted view of your network, from anywhere and at any time. 

Across the network lifecycle

Fiber network planning and design softwarePlanning and design
The leading software for accelerating the fiber planning and design process, helping you consistently deliver new network designs on time and under budget.

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Construction management for fiber networksConstruction
Combine digital ticket automation with geospatial network intelligence to deliver faster, more accurate and more flexible projects.

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Fiber network operations and maintenance softwareOperations and maintenance 
Real-time data about your network and assignments, delivering significant improvements in productivity, response times and customer service.

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Fiber network sales and marketing optimization softwareSales and marketing 
Generate near-net quotes in seconds, instantly view cost and revenue estimates, and quickly respond to RFPs and RFQs – all without engineering assistance.

New from IQGeo

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