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Automated fiber design software for engineering and design firms


In the highly competitive world of Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), engineering firms need to respond quickly when fiber operators want new network designs. They need tools and results that demonstrate best-in-class capabilities to ensure they are well positioned to win new business. At the same time, they want software that delivers clear ROI so they know each project is worth their time. 


The problem for many engineering firms is that modern networks require creating multiple design scenarios, and doing so manually is time-consuming and not scalable for higher volumes of fiber connections. While they need flexible software, they often lack the time to learn how to use it due to customer demands and the competition for new business. Budgetary constraints that drive ROI mean they need to deliver more work and more quotes with less resources. Design firms have also traditionally struggled to find a tool that’s easily configurable so that they can support the network architecture of any customer and then deliver the design data in a variety of formats, based on the fiber operator. 



The challenges:

  • Creating multiple design scenarios  
  • Manual design is slow and not scalable 
  • Learning new software takes a lot of time 
  • Design tools can’t support every customer architecture 
  • Customers require data in a variety of formats 
  • Lack of skilled labor as older generation retires 

The solution:

Comsof Fiber is the leading automated planning and design software for engineering firms who want to deliver accurate designs more rapidly, flexibly, and with higher ROI. 

Comsof Fiber >>> 

IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber delivers automation and optimization algorithms that reduce the end-to-end fiber planning and design process by 50% to 90%.

Comsof Fiber empowers engineers to quickly compare area costs, scenarios, and architectures to understand the best returns for network designs. 

Automate planning and estimating 
Save time on network designs 
Configurable for any customer 
Higher long-term ROI 
A future-proof investment 

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