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Geospatial fiber network management software for education networks


Education fiber networks are constantly evolving, with the increasing demand for reliability from all users, including students, faculty, and staff. However, these education network operators have faced a challenge in managing their infrastructure efficiently. A lack of a centralized fiber database has made it difficult to access and manage equipment and connection data. This is where universities, school districts, and educational corporations need a comprehensive solution that not only enhances data services across the campus but also allows them to control and optimize their networks to reduce costs and minimize downtime.


Without comprehensive fiber network data across the organization, the ability to make informed decisions regarding network upgrades and expansions is often hindered. This can result in a lack of transparency and accountability that stakeholders expect. Many solutions in the market lack a user-friendly interface that can cater to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise and knowledge across the network. Since educational organizations do not prioritize revenue generation, it can be challenging to demonstrate the return on investment with new solutions.



The challenges:

  • Network reliability for faculty and students
  • Cost-effective management software
  • Accurate network data across the campus
  • Ability to rapidly troubleshoot issues
  • User-friendly solution for non-technical staff
  • Providing thorough reports to stakeholders

The solution:

Network Manager Telecom gives you a single, geospatially based, fiber management solution that enables you to document, update, and share network asset data across the organization.

 Network Manager Telecom

Network Manager Telecom offers fiber management capabilities for any network operator, regardless of size or scope:

The fiber industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate network design, streamline operations, and demonstrate return on investment.

Flexible network management for every operator
Support across the network lifecycle
Industry-best workflows and templates
Best-in-class mobility
Scalability for the future

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When you choose Network Manager Telecom, you can support your entire network lifecycle, leverage best-in-class mobility, and easily adapt for future expansions and requirements.


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