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Geospatial network management software for telecommunications


As telecommunication network operators strive to deliver new fiber-based broadband networks in a highly competitive market with a variety of outsourcing models, you face ever-increasing challenges to do so faster, better and cheaper than ever before.  Rolling out a next-generation network successfully demands speed and agility, something traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) simply can’t deliver. 


Telecommunication network operators have long depended on a multitude of manual procedures and fragmented data systems, presenting a constant obstacle in effectively supporting their network throughout the organization and maximizing their investment over the network's lifespan.



The challenges:

  • Moving quickly with quality
  • Inaccurate and repeat designs 
  • Data inaccuracies
  • Completing work in the field 
  • Manual and paper processes
  • Integrating and tracking contractor work 
  • Complex systems deployment and integrations 
  • Understanding the market/revenue opportunity  

The solution:

IQGeo Integrated Network is the telecom industry’s only single solution to enable you to deploy and operate networks across the entire lifecycle, from planning and design to operations and sales.  

 Integrated Network >>>

Integrated Network provides unique capabilities for telecom networks

With a single, shared view of your network data and streamlined workflows, IQGeo gives telecom companies the speed, efficiency, and precision you need to deliver great service and stay ahead of the competition.  

  Integrated platform across the network lifecycle
  Automate planning and estimating
  Optimize and accelerate network designs
  Build accurately and efficiently
  Maximize network revenue
  A single view of network data


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Network Manager Telecom - Editions

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When you choose Network Manager Telecom, you can support your entire network lifecycle, leverage best-in-class mobility, and easily adapt for future expansions and requirements.


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