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Geospatial network management software for water utilities


The water utility industry is poised for significant changes. The pipelines and other infrastructure have aged and will need to be replaced. However, most network management systems are not equipped to incorporate modern technology like smart metering and IoT software because they don’t have an accurate, current view of their assets and connectivity. They need a single geospatial view of their network, from design and construction to operations and maintenance.  


To tackle these challenges, they need a solution that empowers field teams to update network data and easily share those updates with the system of record. With more streamlined workflows, they can efficiently execute the necessary new pipeline construction, capture as-built data, collect and report on assets during routine inspections, and continually analyze water supply, hydraulic surge, contamination introduction, and other critical data. 


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The challenges:

  • Digital data capture in the field
  • Real-time views of water data
  • Analyzing potential threats to supply
  • Planning and design for new homes
  • Better oversight of staff and contractors 

The solution:

IQGeo's Field Mobility delivers a single geospatial view of all network assets, enabling every team to collaborate and digitalize workflows across the entire lifecycle of the water grid. 

Field Mobility >>> 

Field Mobility provides unique capabilities for utility operators

Field Mobility enables field crews and contractors to easily confirm or edit network assets from a tablet or mobile device, online or offline, giving the entire organization a single view of current network data. 

Integrate any GIS environment 
Fully functional online or offline 
Enable field crews to easily view and update GIS data 
Eliminate paper maps and handwritten notes 
View real-time updates of contractor progress 
Enable more rapid, informed decisions 

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The industry's most flexible and comprehensive geospatial solution to accelerate network planning, design and time to revenue from a single platform.  

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