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Geospatial fiber network management software for government networks


Government fiber networks serving cities, counties, states, federal entities, airports, and commercial providers encounter a range of distinctive challenges. One of the primary issues is the lack of comprehensive network documentation, making it difficult to effectively track, manage, and monitor network assets and performance effectively enough to satisfy constituents. These same stakeholders expect government networks to meet demanding budget requirements, which is often a complex task with current solutions that lack a centralized hub that facilitates sharing information among key personnel involved in network planning, maintenance, and operations. This leads to inefficient network management and hinders overall productivity.


However, the most crucial aspect is the communities' anticipation of reliable broadband service. Balancing concerns around costs and return on investment further complicates the ownership and operation of fiber optic networks, restraining the provision of high-speed internet connectivity to government facilities and community services. In order to address these challenges, comprehensive documentation of network components, interdependencies, and redundancy planning becomes an essential requirement.



The challenges:

  • Saving costs on modern solutions
  • Minimizing network downtimes
  • Lack of a central, shared network inventory
  • Monitoring network assets and performance
  • Efficient use of network resources
  • Comprehensive reports for key stakeholders
  • Scalability as network requirements evolve

The solution:

Network Manager Telecom gives you a single, geospatially based, fiber management solution that enables you to document, update, and share network asset data across the organization.

 Network Manager Telecom

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