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Geospatial grid management software for electric cooperatives


As a member of NRECA, IQGeo has listened to many electric coops discuss the primary challenges with managing their grids. Many of the underlying operational and supporting systems will need an overhaul to transition to the unprecedented changes from decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization, and resiliency. The data errors, inaccurately modeled assets, and delays in GIS updates that many experience today will not suffice for the utility of the future.


With distributed energy resources (DER) becoming more prominent components of the grid, it is essential to have the capability to visualize and model DERs both in front of and behind the meter, without the hassle of time-consuming configurations. What is needed is a seamless solution that integrates and manages comprehensive network data, allowing for easy updates in the field and efficient back-office planning. To ensure the reliability of the grid, it is crucial to streamline inspections and overlay systems like ADMS. Furthermore, expanding broadband access for communities is vital to improve financial and educational opportunities, but managing the design, deployment, and operations of broadband requires significant investment in various solutions.



The challenges:

  • Deploying and managing DERs
  • Energy resilience in low-income communities
  • Data delays and inaccuracies
  • Transportation electrification
  • Limitations of current systems
  • Broadband deployment to rural areas
  • Aging legacy systems

The solution:

IQGeo Adaptive Grid is a flexible and powerful network model management solution created for utilities of any size and scope to digitalize the entire lifecycle of the electric grid.

Adaptive Grid >>> 

Adaptive Grid provides unique capabilities for electric cooperatives:

From rapid design to asset management to outage assessment, our game-changing software integrates with your GIS and other network data to revolutionize your system of record.

Use a single platform architected by utility experts
Flexibly model any network asset
Improve data accuracy, from the office to the field
Accelerate digital transformation to eliminate manual and paper processes
Adapt to changing business needs and future requirements
Extendable to fiber and gas networks

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Ready to embrace the fastest path to grid modernization?


Date: Tuesday December 5, 2023

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From staking and design to asset inspections: digitalizing network model workflows.


Discover the power of digitalization with IQGeo and streamline your grid's design, construction, and maintenance workflows, regardless of your GIS, with our network model management solution.

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