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Geospatial network planning and design software for district energy networks


The energy crisis and political pressure to decarbonize the heating and cooling sector are driving momentous change. Under the FIT-for-55 package from the European Commission, local authorities with 50,000 inhabitants or more are strongly advised to create an energy transition plan, and, in some countries, these plans are now mandatory for municipalities.


The modernization of district heating and cooling infrastructure presents a significant opportunity to decarbonize heating for millions of connected citizens. This growth is driven by network expansion and new network developments based on national objectives and ambitions from the sector to reach the national energy and climate goals of individual countries. However, technical and political barriers, as well as a lack of skilled workers, hinder progress in implementing energy transition plans, introducing new grids and achieving carbon-neutral goals.


The challenges:

  • Energy crisis, raising gas prices and supply risk
  • Increased political pressure for decarbonization
  • Data inaccuracies with manual and paper processes
  • Lack of skilled resources and workforce
  • Time consuming and labour-intensive processes
  • Outdated policies

The solution:

IQGeo Comsof Heat is a powerful GIS-based automated planning and design software package for cost-effective and efficient planning and development of district heating and district cooling networks.

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Comsof Heat provides unique capabilities for district energy networks:

Our district heating and cooling network design software empowers municipalities, consultancies, and designers to rapidly plan and create cost-effective networks that help reach Net Zero faster.

Automate and cost optimize network routing at street level
Automate network dimensioning and pipe diameter utilization
Create clusters of buildings to interconnect with distribution substations
Generate a Bill of Materials and a time phased roll out plan
Swiftly generate and compare scenarios
Support the conventional 3rd generation and 4th generation types of networks
Integrated geospatial model reduces design and study time from weeks to days

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Network Manager for telecom and utilities


The industry's most flexible and comprehensive geospatial solution to accelerate network planning, design and time to revenue from a single platform.  

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