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Geospatial fiber network management software for transportation networks


Transportation network operators, spanning various sectors from transportation departments to railways and airport authorities, often encounter difficulties in finding a comprehensive fiber network management solution that perfectly aligns with their specific requirements. Many operators are in need of superior software to effectively document and map their fiber infrastructure, enabling them to proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major challenges.


Additionally, the collaboration and efficiency among key personnel involved in network planning, maintenance, and operations is hindered when different teams use disparate applications. This lack of cohesion often results in a limited ability to analyze fiber networks in a manner that optimizes efficiency across the entire organization. The ultimate goal for transport network operators is to streamline the management of critical network components, such as fiber optic cables and electrical circuits.


At the same time, there is constant pressure from leadership and stakeholders to carefully manage costs associated with fiber management solutions. This can further complicate the already challenging task of meeting the demands of an ever-evolving transportation industry, while also delivering consistent and dependable service amidst opportunities for growth.



The challenges:

  • Accurately documenting and mapping fiber infrastructure
  • Reducing network downtime
  • Cost-effective fiber management
  • Producing comprehensive fiber capacity reports
  • Collaborating across disparate applications
  • Detailed data analysis to optimize resources
  • Scaling for growth opportunities

The solution:

Network Manager Telecom gives you a single, geospatially based, fiber management solution that enables you to document, update, and share network asset data across the organization.

 Network Manager Telecom

Network Manager Telecom offers fiber management capabilities for any network operator, regardless of size or scope:

The fiber industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate network design, streamline operations, and demonstrate return on investment.

Flexible network management for every operator
Support across the network lifecycle
Industry-best workflows and templates
Best-in-class mobility
Scalability for the future

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When you choose Network Manager Telecom, you can support your entire network lifecycle, leverage best-in-class mobility, and easily adapt for future expansions and requirements.


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