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An exclusive interview with telecoms expert, Andy MacLeod

Andy MacLeod is a Board member of IQGeo with decades of experience as a senior technical leader at Vodafone, Eircom, MCI, and Cable & Wireless. In this exclusive interview, Andy shares his thoughts and insights on the challenges and opportunities facing telecoms network operators.

Sound bites from the interview

“Field operations are crucial to improved customer service”

“Clean data is at the root of many network problems”

“A smear of digital on top of an analog business will fail"



Interview agenda

00:00 - Welcome and introduction to Andy MacLeod
03:05 - How high profile is customer satisfaction to topline business KPIs across the telecoms industry?
04:55 - What role does accurate, current geospatial data play in improving field productivity and business profitability?
07:03 - What is your definition of “digital transformation” and what benefits does it bring to network operators?
08:54 - What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the telecoms industry?
10:05 - How does digital cultural change translate to tactical corporate initiatives?
11:20 -  Why are you investing some of your valuable time with IQGeo?


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