VP Construction

VP Construction Communications

The challenges for a VP Construction working in Communications include ...

Reduce as-built backlog

Getting data right first time

Streamline information exchange

Accelerate Time to Market

Reduce as-built backlog

Designers spend unproductive time deciphering incomplete data, sometimes from multiple sources. This causes frustrated workers and a huge backlog.

Faced with an overwhelming amount of information, designers spend time on low value tasks and take an inordinate amount of time to get the job done. This result is a huge backlog in the construction process, wasting money and frustrating employees.

For VPs of Construction, myWorld gives designers the information they need to streamline the design process and spend more time on high-value tasks. This reduces backlog and results in better designs. The design process can be streamlined from weeks down to days.



Getting data right first time

Information from the construction process never follows standards and is rarely done right the first time.

Illegible drawings and incomplete information results in multiple iterations to get the right updates. Sometimes updates are never corrected and the result is poor data quality.

For VPs of Construction, myWorld™ improves data quality, enforces standards, and gets it right the first time.

The cost of quality for bad data is as high as $800 per incident.

Streamline information exchange

When construction processes are slow and have poor information exchange, the result is massive project delays.

Slow information transfer during pre-design walkout, construction, and as-built walkout lengthens construction times and increases costs.

For VPs of Construction, myWorld™ helps streamline the information exchange between construction crews in the field and the back office.

Communication companies can reduce information exchange down to seconds instead of days.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Multiple corrections and designs must flow between the field and the office during construction. This often involves third party contractors and can take 20 or 30 days for just one update.

Construction is expensive and every minute counts. Slow and complicated processes drastically increase cost and push out revenue.

For VPs of Construction, myWorld™ streamlines the construction process, reducing costs and bringing revenue forward.

Slashes Time to Market from months to weeks.