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Geospatial network management software for telecom, fiber and utility operators

IQGeo is “Building better networks” with telecommunication and fiber organizations as well as electric and gas utilities across the world. Our award-winning geospatial network management software provides a single platform to manage networks for everything, from private and regional fiber networks to enterprise-scale telecom providers along with cooperative, municipal and investor-owned (IOUs) utilities. 

Telecommunication and utility network operators face a myriad of complex challenges that have a profound impact on every aspect of their operations. These challenges encompass a dynamic and ever-changing competitive landscape, escalating customer demands, heightened regulatory scrutiny, the emergence of innovative network technologies, and the continuous evolution of the workforce.

Together with IQGeo, telecom and utility network operators are transforming their business by setting new standards for productivity and collaboration that increase revenue, decrease operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance safety.


Fiber and 5G technologies are revolutionizing the telecom industry, opening a world of endless possibilities for network operators. By harnessing these cutting-edge advancements, operators can deliver the demand of faster internet speeds, seamless connectivity, and shape the future of communication, allowing telecom network operators to stay ahead of the competition, all while delivering exceptional services that exceed customer expectations. 


For global telecom giants, IQGeo Integrated Network stands out as the sole platform in the industry that empowers operators to deploy and manage their networks throughout the entire lifecycle, ensuring seamless operations and unmatched precision swiftly and effectively.

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  • Drive new revenue with fast, accurate service and construction quotes.

  • Accelerate time-to-market with optimized construction workflow.

  • Provide better customer service with an easy-to-use mobile field solution.

  • Improve decision making with high quality data for all stakeholders.

Private and regional fiber providers

With the exponential growth of the internet and its integration into our daily lives, along with the increasing popularity of remote and hybrid work setups, we now have access to super-fast fiber broadband that can handle any internet-intensive task with ease. Furthermore, the presence of 5G internet allows us to stay connected on the move. The industry has witnessed technological advancements to ensure that fiber providers possess the necessary operational infrastructure to deliver and meet the demands of this new technology.


IQGeo geospatial software provides an optimized, cost-effective and fast-to-deploy solution to plan, design, analyze, maintain, and help regional and private fiber operators build better networks.

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  • Streamline fiber documentation with a database-driven solution.

  • Coordinate efficiently with field crews through mobile-ready reports.

  • Save on new network builds by estimating costs in advance.

  • Analyze effectively by creating reports for any team in a matter of seconds.

Electric utilities

Whether it's the bustling streets of a large metropolitan area or the serene landscapes of a rural community, the dynamics of electrical networks are experiencing a remarkable transformation. The rise of distributed energy generation, the integration of smart metering and IoT technology, and the increasing popularity of electric vehicles are all driving the need for innovative infrastructure and reshaping service expectations.


In this rapidly evolving landscape, IQGeo Adaptive Grid is a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of the electric grid, transforming comprehensive network data – from design and construction to outage management – into digital workflows. 

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  • Improve operational productivity with better field to office collaboration.

  • Accelerate decision making with high quality data for all stakeholders.

  • Reduce complexity and TCO with consolidated applications and data streams.

  • Provide better customer service with an easy-to-use mobile field solution.

Gas utilities

Safety is a priority of any gas network operator, and at the heart of ensuring this safety is the implementation of efficient and effective inspection and maintenance processes. By prioritizing the well-being of both their employees and the communities they serve, gas network operators can guarantee a secure and reliable network.


With IQGeo geospatial software, gas operators now have the means to meet their safety targets with ease, by fostering collaboration between office staff and mobile field crews and providing a centralized source of network truth. Having access to the most up-to-date information, operators can ensure regulatory compliance and optimize workflow productivity. The inclusion of our inspection and maintenance applications equips operators with the necessary tools to uphold the highest safety standards while delivering uninterrupted and dependable network service.

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  • Enhance safety and collaboration with a single source of network truth.

  • Accelerate decision making with high quality data for all stakeholders.

  • Reduce complexity and TCO with consolidated applications and data streams.

  • Provide better customer service with an easy-to-use mobile field solution.

District energy

Authorities throughout Europe have recognized the deployment of district energy networks as a crucial element in achieving carbon neutrality targets. The opportunity to decarbonize heating supply for millions of citizens connected to district heating and cooling systems across Europe lies in the modernization of existing infrastructure. This growth is stimulated by the expansion and development of networks, driven by national objectives and the sector's ambitions to meet individual countries' energy and climate goals.


Practical deployment strategies have garnered increasing interest, and Comsof Heat's integrated approach offers comprehensive planning and design capabilities for the development of intricate district energy grids. 

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  • Quickly design accurate, true-to-life feasibility studies that support your Net Zero goals.

  • Discover the neighborhoods and buildings that are ripe for decarbonization.

  • Provide accurate budget forecasts and detailed inventories that can be shared across multiple teams.

  • Save on new network builds by cutting design and study time from weeks to days.