Description of Business:

IQGeo Group plc provides geospatial software to the telecoms and utility industries. Our software accelerates a customer's strategic digital transformation initiatives by accelerating productivity and collaboration across enterprise planning, design, construction and maintenance processes.

Country of Incorporation: England and Wales (registered company number 05589712)

Main Country of Operation: United States of America

Annual Reports and Accounts can be found here

Financial Announcements as they are made are listed here

Directors:The Board presently comprises a Non-Executive Chairman, two Executive Directors and four Non-Executive Directors

  • P Taylor, Non-Executive Chair, Audit Committee (Chair), Remuneration Committee & Nomination Committee
  • R Sansom, NED, Nomination Committee (Chair)
  • I Kershaw, NED, Remuneration Committee & Audit Committee
  • M Royde, NED, Remuneration Committee (Chair)
  • A MacLeod, NED
  • R Petti, CEO
  • T Gingell, CFO

Full biographies of the directors of the Board can be found at Our BoardA description of responsibilities can be found on Corporate Governance

Constitutional Documents can be found here

IQGeo Group plc's nominated advisors are finnCap Ltd. More information can be found here

Number of Securities in Issue on 13 February 2020: IQGeo Group plc’s issued share capital is 49,594,086 ordinary shares of 2p each, with no shares held in treasury. 36.8% of shares are held in public hands, and 63.2% of shares are held by related parties.

A copy of the circular dated 2 August 2019 can be found here

A copy of the AGM notice dated 10 May 2019 can be found here

A copy of the circular dated 13 December 2018 can be found here

A copy of the circular dated 18 October 2017 can be found here

A copy of the circular dated 8 April 2016 can be found here

A copy of the Admission to AIM document can be found here

Details of the only persons who, directly or indirectly, were interested in 3% or more of the Company’s share capital can be found here

IQGeo Group plc is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms and there are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

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