IQGeo Services

IQGeo Services is a truly consultative service philosophy and offering. Our service professionals understand that each of our customer’s networks and business objectives are unique, we listen, learn and respond to your specific needs. Our Services offering covers four areas:

  • Business planning
  • Technical design
  • Implementation services
  • Post-production support


IQGeo Services overview
IQGeo Services


Your success is the singular mission of our team. We develop carefully considered service offerings designed to establish and nurture a long-term partnership.

Working with you, IQGeo will never deliver an over-engineered or unnecessarily complex deployment. We pride ourselves on providing the right insights and resources, at the right point in time, to ensure an effective and agile implementation that easily evolves with your changing business requirements.

Business planning

  • Identify key business goals and priorities 
  • Define a strategy for agreed goals
  • Determine the best possible approach
  • Focused on goals, budget and timeline


Technical design

  • Infrastructure reviews
  • Data modeling
  • Configuration design
  • Application development design



Implementation services

  • System configuration
  • Application development
  • Application testing
  • Production deployment design and support


Post-production support

  • System and database maintenance
  • Custom training design and development
  • Staff augmentation and user support
  • Managed services